Changes to Your Automation Programs Happen. Are You Managing Them?



Alex Landis

Sales Representative

MDT Software


George Zafiris

Sales Director

RTS Inc.

The increased use of plant floor automation to achieve production goals has created a dependency on industrial programmable devices such as PLC, CNC, HMI, Robots and drives. Many of these programs are changed as adjustments to variables and logic are needed to continue smooth operation, but these changes also put the plant at risk. What happens if someone makes a change to a program that results in undesired performance, or corrupts the program due to inadvertent changes? If there is no backup the result is costly downtime.

In this webinar, we will examine the sources and types of changes that take place in plant automation environments, and the considerations necessary to safeguard your automation systems through the effective use of a Change Management System (CMS). This discussion will include examples of impact felt by real plants due to unmanaged changes and illustrate how version control and change detection would have protected the plant. Participants will learn about the features available in most Change Management Systems and what criteria you should consider before selecting the a CMS for your plant.

Immediately following the presentation is a Q&A session moderated by RTS George Zafiris.

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