WIP Tracking

Work in Progress (WIP) management is a wide concept that comprises everything that occurs between the initial movement of raw materials to the placement of finished goods into inventory. WIP management solutions range from small, highly focused measures like inventory management to broad, end-to-end projects incorporating system connections and process automation. The ultimate goals of any of these solutions are to keep WIP flowing efficiently, eliminate unnecessary inventory accumulation, and support several production objectives at the same time. While narrow-scope solutions produce efficiency and benefits, WIP management strategies that provide insight throughout the whole supply chain produce the best outcomes.


SAP MES (MII/ME/DMC) Integrated with Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Industrial collaborative robots or ‘cobots’ are designed to be able to collaborate with humans in an intelligent and safe manner and are set to become a key part of industry 4.0 and beyond. Let’s have a look at the development of this new wave of cobots and how they’ll impact the future of manufacturing industries. As well, we will discuss the benefits of an intimate SAP MII, cobot and production line integration to achieve: near-human operator results from the cobot, increased productivity and higher quality. But first,


SAP MES (MII/ME/DMC) integrated with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Industries from automotive to pharmaceuticals share the goal of increasing workflow efficiency on factory floors and in distribution centers. In manufacturing and warehousing operations, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are one of the most flexible/versatile material transport solutions within the plant. An AMR is effectively an unmanned vehicle, carrying a payload that is guided automatically around the factory floor. As such, AMRs are starting to become the backbone for modern material management and handling within all industries. In this new business revolution, opportunities driving increased operational excellence are arising for manufacturing and warehousing.

Control panel

Things to consider – Industrial Control Panel Design

If you pay attention to how a control panel is laid out on the inside then you won’t have a nightmare if and when you have to troubleshoot it later. We always desire to have a clean and well-organized control panel on their shop floor. Let RTS tell you the points we take into consideration to ensure that you get the best industrial control panel. We have been doing this for more than 30 years and we take pride in doing it right!

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