Hitachi Consulting expands Energy Performance Services with Manufacturing Energy Intelligence Solution from RTS Consulting

Hitachi Consulting have formed a strategic partnership with RTS Consulting to extend their Energy Performance Service offering, which is focused on assisting clients in reducing energy consumption, costs and environmental impact for their operations. The combined offering will provide a holistic approach to identify energy reduction opportunities, formulate an effective on-going strategy and capitalize on the latest energy management technologies. The joint offering will leverage the RTS Energy Management Information System (RTS EMIS, enabling real-time Energy Intelligence for your manufacturing operations to proactively track and reduce energy consumption.

“We are truly excited about our strategic relationship with RTS Consulting and the ability to offer end-to-end energy management services for our clients.” said Jeff Hornibrook, Vice President Process Manufacturing, “This is a great example of how Hitachi Consulting is leading the way to help our clients drive their Sustainability agenda, while at the same time making a significant impact to their bottom line and overall profitability.”

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