Multi-national chemical company automates RTK label
management and product printing

A world-class resin and synthetic rubber manufacturer, was facing challenges accurately and efficiently managing and printing their Right to Know (RTK) and product specific labels. Despite all efforts to conform to their customer specific and compliance label instructions, delays and errors were occurring due to the complex manual system that was in place. This resulted in shipping errors, increased customer complaints, longer delivery times, increased transportation costs and unnecessary time spent on product recalls.

RTS was selected to implement a cost effective automated IT based, labeling and printing solution. The application automatically accesses data from all required systems SAP, a legacy ERP, third party Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), etc.; gathering all relevant label information regardless of the location and database.
Then critical information such as material, process order, compliance information, customer specific data, delivery data, etc. is sent to the label management software for accurate and automatic bar code printing.

  The solution quickly delivered the following benefits:

  • Automation of the label management and printing process: No human intervention or manual data gathering.
  • Reduced labeling errors: Data accurately collected and processed on every single label.
  • Improved order shipping accuracy: Product delivered on time, at the right place.
  • Ensures adherence to compliance requirements.
  • Single system of record to manage label development and template design.
  • Support of international shipping with Multilanguage labels.

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