NEW BOOK: Operations Approach to Delivering Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for the Shop Floor

In the book, Vokey and Seubert provide insights into many aspects of MES and their relation to manufacturing operations management (MOM). Insights include:

1.A breakdown of the business and manufacturing processes within a manufacturing company and insights as to how MES can be used to improve these processes and how MES should be used to analyze process capabilities as the cornerstone of improving the business and how MES can help each department of a manufacturing company.   

2.A review of the process of continuous improvement and why MES can save thousands of dollars in analysis costs.

3.The differences between MES architecture and ERP architecture and why ERP is not the right application for manufacturing execution management.

4.A look into developing an MES program strategy and the subjects that should be investigated for that strategy. If a company is new to MES, what is the strategy for deployment that should be used and why.

5.An explanation of some of the IT technical terms that are used in MES and how these key points of interest affect manufacturing operations.

Vokey and Seubert also provide insights into determining an enterprise architecture and the impact on the enterprise lifecycle as a whole (and some of the mistakes that should be avoided).

Finally, Vokey provides some insight into using IIoT (Edge/Fog technology, cloud technology and agent-based computing) and their importance (or concerns) as they are applied to MES.


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