RTS Helps De Beers towards Operational Excellence by Providing
Real-Time Mining KPI's

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Through it’s partnership with Sybase, RTS will help enable mobility for RTS manufacturing solutions built on SAP MII.

Without mining operations and business systems integration, many companies find themselves intervening manually to enter production data. Not only is this costly and time-consuming in terms of staff hours, it also results in high levels of data redundancy, inaccuracies caused by human error and information latency. Traditionally, this problem could only be solved by costly integration projects connecting ERP to a myriad of legacy, home-grown, and plant floor systems on a point-to-point basis.

RTS provided De Beers a non proprietary integration with pre-packaged connectors that speed implementation and ROI. The result is vastly improved interoperability of mining-to-enterprise business processes that enable synchronized manufacturing operations and deliver a single version of the truth across the enterprise, while extending ERP business processes to shop floor users. With minimal investment and time commitments, you can quickly respond to exceptions, make decisions with confidence, and meet your performance goals – all while minimizing firefighting and lowering operational expenses.

It is nearly impossible to improve performance without quality data – RTS was able to deliver mining information and actionable intelligence to the right person in the appropriate context in real-time.

Lorenzo Plaath, “Manager of IT” service delivery at De Beers Canada Inc., “SAP MII met our key requirements of real-time monitoring of plant operations, energy consumption, and other critical processes using interfaces our business users could understand,” he explains. “We could replace the in-person monitoring we’ve been doing with more accurate remote monitoring.” The integration of SAP MII with the company’s business system was another critical advantage – enabling captured data to be used with other business processes.

Some of De Beer’s objectives included:

  • Gaining real-time, accurate insight and actionable intelligence of mine operations and energy consumption across the enterprise
  • Leverage the existing systems infrastructure, no “rip and replace”
  • Improved uptime through continuous monitoring of critical plant equipment and streamlined maintenance response
  • Remote, real-time monitoring of energy and fuel consumption
  • Daily insight into rough diamond production and processed ore
  • Fast recognition of high- and low-yield mine deposits

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