RTS is Proud to Announce being Awarded Projects for the City of Toronto

Water and Wastewater

Zebra Mussel Control System and Lake Current Monitoring Upgrades at the R.L. Clark and F.J Horgan 

The project intends to protect Lake Ontario, Toronto’s drinking water source, from spills of contaminants and similar unplanned events. This requires improving the knowledge base available for forecasting lake circulation and water quality impacts to the City’s water treatment plant intakes. The works forming this project are to install new Zebra Mussel Control Systems at the R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant and the F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant; and the installation of a Lake Current Monitoring System at the R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant.

RTS will Design and Supply custom-engineered PLC control panel, implement SCADA Programming, and will be responsible for the Supply of Instrumentation for this project.

Process and ECAP2 Upgrades at the North Toronto Treatment Plant

The primary goal of this project is to replace the aging electrical distribution system at the plant and restore the treatment capacity of the plant to its rated capacity of 45.5 MLD. Thus, providing a high level of nitrification and energy efficiency. Also, the City has a unique opportunity to evaluate innovative technologies for energy consumption and enhanced treatment in a more compact footprint.

The works forming this project are to upgrade process equipment, control systems, electrical infrastructure and to implement SCADA Programming at the treatment plant.

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