Improving Quality & Production Levels with SAP MII at a Specialty Bakery Manufacturer

SAP & RTS Solutions and Services

      • SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence application (SAP MII)
      • RTS Quality Management Information System (RTS QMIS)
      • Production monitoring

Challenges and Opportunities:

      • Lack of visibility into daily & historical production and quality information, as well as quality trends
      • Increase quality and production data transparency and accuracy to enhance the resource planning process
      • Manage production downtime costs
      • Reduce dependence on manual data capturing, reporting and analysis processes
      • Identify when quality control limits were exceeded across the product life cycle


      • Gain real-time insight into production and quality trending information
      • Provide operators, planners, and managers with reliable, automated and highly available shop-floor information using interactive role-based dashboard interfaces
      • Automatic production & quality reporting; eliminating the manual data aggregation process
      • Create an enterprise-wide integrated solution for production and quality control, able to consolidate data from disparate sources and processes
      • Identify the most influential pieces of equipment causing downtime in real-time
      • Address quality anomalies as they happen or before, based on trending and control limits monitoring


      • Quality improvement due to real-time visibility to quality trending, enabling connective action before the product is deemed scrap
      • One single system of record and analysis for production and quality management leveraging the deployed ERP software
      • Actionable intelligence driven by on-screen dashboards and alerts, triggering Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) from non-conformance production
      • Improved uptime, increased production volume and reduced cost through continuous monitoring of most influential assets
      • Automated reports generated increased reliability of planning, management, and operations
      • Ability to monitor critical plant equipment and reduce machine downtime


Providing the World with Specialty Bakery Products

Our client is a global food business with a leadership position in high volume specialty baking, which consists of freshly prepared bakery offerings giving the best value, variety, taste and convenience to consumers at the point of sale.

Based out of Zurich, Switzerland, with operations in North America, South America, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Their primary manufacturing facility is located in Brantford, Ontario and operates (6) donut production lines, (1) bread line and (1) pastry line that supply baked goods. 

Before implementing SAP MII with RTS Consulting - Automation, their Canadian manufacturing operation faced a fundamental issue: they had no integrated system for production & quality visibility, reporting, analysis, and planning. Production & quality reporting was manually entered from In-Line/Off-Line quality devices, without accurate or real-time information, impeding the organization to produce targeted quality levels/volume and address possible anomalies as or before they occur.

Enter RTS Consulting - Automation

Quality management is not just about inspection activities and “after the fact” reviews to implement corrective actions after the product has long left the warehouse. It’s about enabling and optimizing the quality strategy deployment with real-time actionable intelligence to trigger Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) from non-conformance production.

When the Canadian Director of Manufacturing approached RTS, it became apparent that the best approach was to implement the RTS Quality Management Information System (RTS QMIS), a composite solution based on SAP MII that would support the company in the following dimensions:

      • Visibility of QA/QC data for analytic purposes
      • Interface for QA/QC data entry of quality information
      • Production and quality reporting
      • Equipment/Downtime visibility           

Establishing Common Requirements

Their projects' team collaborated closely with RTS to help ensure that the solution implementation remained on time and within budget. Prior to deployment, the project team convened a design and requirements blueprint session to establish and document the client’s scope of work.

Predictive Quality Management 

The SAP MII approach builds in the analytical functions and serves it up on-line, in real-time, while production is in progress. With the deployment of the RTS QMIS, they now comprehensive visibility to real-time quality trending information, empowering shop floor personnel to address quality issues before they occur. 

Global Integrated Solution

By using configured interactive dashboards that were installed at each operator station, shop floor personnel were enabled to easily test the product and enter quality findings. 

The RTS QMIS serves as an automatic quality and production data collection system where information is captured, stored in a central repository and analyzed on one common platform, regardless of its origin (different product lines, plant floor instrumentation, quality testing equipment, scales, operators testing stations, etc). This implementation has empowered our clients with transparent and accurate information that enhances their decision-making process. 

Standard and customized reports were generated for increased reliability of planning, management, and operations, including Downtime Tracking and Statistical Analysis with automatic calculation algorithms for CPK, Median, Min, Max, PPM, Standard Deviation, etc.

Continuous Improvement

By getting visibility to real-time and historical information they can identify the most influential process-specific causes of quality issues and downtime. They are able to focus efforts where changes are most needed to improve quality & efficiency, reducing downtime and cost.

How did our client benefit from the RTS' Quality Solution?

The features offered by the RTS QMIS allowed their Canadian operations to improve most, if not all aspects of their production and quality process. By gaining access to real-time data, they can act upon issues appropriately and immediately. As their Director of Manufacturing said: “RTS’ approach to the project, SAP MII knowledge and plant floor automation skills helped [them] deliver a successful implementation with greater than expected ROI”.


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