24/7 Support for SAP MII/ME/PCo/OPC Solutions

Having problems finding qualified SAP MII/ME personnel to support your SAP shopfloor manufacturing solutions?

There is no question that SAP MII and ME systems are paramount to achieving high-performance manufacturing KPIs, not to mention the severe production impact of MES downtime!

RTS provides experienced and knowledgeable staff to deliver 24/7 quick on-call support response to your SAP MES system issues, maintaining optimal plant operating performance.

We can also go beyond just providing support; by delivering additional enhancement services that ensure continued top-level operational performance from your shopfloor SAP MII and ME solutions, such as:

System upgrades to newer versions

  • gain additional built-in functionality, features and stability by upgrading to the latest version
  • activate new features such as:
    • energy monitoring / management
    • plant information catalog to form a digital twin with ERP assets
    • SPC charts to improve quality
    • condition-based maintenance (CBM)
    • predictive algorithms to send alerts before anomalies occur
  • upgrade your OEE dashboards and connect them to SAP ERP OEE for a holistic approach with simplified dashboards. Can also create multi-workcenter analytics across different timelines.
  • IOT connectivity using MQTT to add new production datapoints

Modifications to your existing MES solution

  • are there changes needed to your existing system to eradicate those nuisance issues
  • has your shop floor manufacturing process changed, requiring adjustments to your MES

Adding completely new capabilities to your existing system

  • automate your shop floor with automatic data collection from the equipment, quality inspections, etc., and ERP confirmations using MII/ME
  • kickstart your cloud journey by integrating OEE insight and resource orchestration from on-premise MII/ME with SAP DMC

The support is applicable to multi-plant, multi-MII/ME environments owned by one company.

RTS delivers a holistic support/service model with the best of both worlds, support while getting SAP MES services under the same agreement. And if the issue cannot be resolved remotely, RTS can come to site within North America to resolve the issue.

We also support SAP PCo and OPC applications.

RTS, with the approval of the customer, may offer implementing real-time system support notifications, warnings and alerts about their shop-floor failure. Thus, providing proactive awareness of a pending issue before it causes significant impact.

Please reach out to Vic Briccardi at vic@rtsperfectplant.com or call 416 518 5152 for detailed pricing and other custom support options.

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