SAP MII/ME migration to SAP DM (DMC)

Transition your existing SAP MII/ME solution to SAP Digital Manufacturing (SAP DM)

SAP announced it would end its support of Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (MII) and Manufacturing Execution by the end of 2027.

MII / ME is a platform that enables industrial customers to connect their shop floor machines and systems to the SAP ERP platform. This platform has been a reliable and popular solution for industrial customers since 2004 and its end will be felt by many. 

SAP recommends transitioning MII and ME to its SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM, also known as DMC) solution. DM offers the same level of integration and performance as MII/ME, but using current technologies.

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SAP MII / ME news

  • No more add-ons, extended features, or version updates since Dec 2021.
  • Mainstream maintenance/support is ending in Dec 2027.

Our team of professionals understand the importance of a smooth and seamless transition from MII/ME to DM, and have the experience and expertise to help customers make the migration of their existing applications to the new solution safe and easy.

RTS software migration support program (Migration Pathway) includes migration services (designing, developing, and deploying), expert advice, guidance, training, and documentation.

RTS 3-phase MII / ME to DM Migration Pathway comes with add-ons and implementation tools:
I. Early adoption of SAP best Business Practices process
II. Personalized roadmap
III. Detailed design, requirement cleansing, and process workflow mapping
IV. Innovations and improvements suggested by AI functionality built in DM


We also offer ongoing 24/7 support and maintenance services of  SAP MII/ME/PCO/OPC to ensure that businesses can operate without disruptions.

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