About us

Quality POLICY

RTS's staff is committed to delivering projects that meet our customers' expectations, in a professional manner, without compromise.

Continuously seeking to improve our QMS - to better serve our customers, ensuring a repeatable high-quality deliverable while making our business better.

Values and Credo


"Integrity is the choice between what's convenient and what's right." When someone leads with integrity, it makes it hard to question that person. People operating within parameters of truth, honesty, and ethics will listen to their heart and do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. We conduct ourselves with the highest level of ethical behaviour and professional integrity.

We deliver what we say we will do and by when we will do it.


We share our knowledge and are transparent with each other, including our customers. Each one of us is accountable to each other and our customer. If we make a mistake, we owe up to it, try to fix it and do not blame others. Respect, we promote a caring and respectful environment at RTS of mutual respect for all staff and customers. Excellence, we set high standards of performance for ourselves and our Team.

We are ONE Team, achieving more together than any one of us individually, succeed and fail together.


We are accountable and responsive with a sense of urgency to our customer's requirements with quick definitive answers and never confrontational. We acknowledge customer communication with an immediate response, even if it is to inform them that we are working on their request (with a timeline to the response if possible).

We are "listeners" and always polite and engaging, keeping in mind it's not WHAT you say BUT HOW you say it.

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