SAP EWM integration with SAP DM

Achieving Manufacturing Excellence through SAP EWM and Digital Manufacturing Integration

Step into a new era of manufacturing efficiency and precision with SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM) with SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) integration. Given the evolving landscape of manufacturing and the increasing significance of strategic and sustainable Industry 4.0 transformations, it’s clear that the entire supply chain will play a crucial role in the business.

RTS is actively assisting their clients on this transformative path by seamlessly integrating inventory management systems with MES. This integration aims to enhance traceability, ensure timely availability, fulfill customer demand, and ultimately empower our clients to make real-time decisions driven by demand and forecasts. Moreover, SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management-Digital Manufacturing integration aids in efficient material procurement and quicker resolution of supplier quality issues.

Explore the potential of SAP EWM-DM integration value with two staging approaches, and join us on this journey to elevate your plant operations to new heights.

SAP EWM-DM Integration: Key Business Value Propositions for Manufacturing Companies

  1. Real-time visibility and transparency
    Connecting manufacturing processes intimately with warehouse operations enables real-time monitoring and visibility of production status and inventory levels. This allows manufacturers to make data-driven decisions promptly, improving overall supply chain responsiveness.
  2. Streamlined material flow
    Integrating SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP EWM optimizes the flow of raw materials from production to the warehouse, reducing bottlenecks, and minimizing lead times. This seamless material flow enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs.
  3. Enhanced order accuracy
    By automating staging processes, the integration reduces the likelihood of errors in order fulfillment, ensuring accurate and timely deliveries to customers.
  4. Improved production planning
    With synchronized data between manufacturing and warehousing systems, production planning becomes more efficient and reliable. Manufacturers can align production schedules with warehouse capacities, avoiding stockouts and excess inventory.

MES – Material Driven Staging

MES-driven staging is a staging approach in which the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) controls the material staging for production orders.


1. Single-Order Staging:

High accuracy

MES-driven staging ensures precise allocation of raw materials for each individual production order, reducing the risk of errors.

Real-time material updates

Staging is triggered as soon as the production order is released, ensuring that materials are available when needed.


Implementing a seamless integration between MES and EWM requires careful planning and coordination.

2. Cross-Order Staging:

Efficient material utilization

Cross-order staging optimizes material usage by allowing shared resources between similar production orders.

Reduced handling

Consolidating materials for multiple orders into one staging process can save time and reduce material handling efforts.

Potential delays

If one production order faces issues, it may affect the raw materials needed for other orders, leading to possible production delays.

EWM or S/4 HANA – Material Driven Staging

EWM or S/4 HANA-driven staging is a staging approach where SAP EWM or SAP S/4 HANA manages the material staging for production orders.


1. Single-Order Staging:

Centralized control

EWM or S/4 HANA-driven staging provides a unified platform to manage staging across all production orders, simplifying the process.

Delayed updates

Staging is triggered when the production order is released in EWM or S/4 HANA, which may introduce slight delays in material availability.

  2. Cross-Order Staging:

Streamlined staging

EWM or S/4 HANA optimizes material allocation across multiple orders, reducing the need for redundant staging operations.


Setting up cross-order staging requires careful configuration and might be more complex than single-order staging.

Transforming Operations: SAP EWM-DM Integration for Manufacturing Excellence

Integrating SAP Enterprise Warehouse Management with SAP Digital Manufacturing offers manufacturers a powerful solution to achieve manufacturing excellence by streamlining and optimizing material flow, enhancing visibility, and improving overall operational efficiency. The choice between MES-driven and EWM or S/4 HANA-driven staging depends on the company’s specific requirements and the complexity of its manufacturing processes. Understanding the pros and cons of each approach is crucial for making an informed decision that aligns with the organization’s goals and objectives.

Manufacturing excellence has become a critical factor in driving efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring competitiveness in today’s global market. Integrating SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) provides a powerful solution to optimize manufacturing operations, enhance real-time visibility, and streamline material handling processes. 

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