SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud (DMC)

SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Brings on-demand scalability as your business grows

Cloud MES is a so-called ‘Software As A Service (SaaS)’ solution, meaning that the software runs over the internet in a public or private cloud using data center hardware and infrastructure.

On-premise deployments regularly require daunting up-front time and capital investments while a cloud-based MES system can be simply accessed through an Internet browser. As a result, it does not require expensive hardware, IT personnel or a lengthy implementation process. Furthermore, cloud solutions won’t require expensive upgrade fees or regular oversight by in-house IT; factors like these boost the value of ownership.

In the past, manufacturers had huge concerns about using cloud-based MES systems. The cloud was evolving quickly, with hundreds of new providers entering the space, and IT leaders were worried about lack of control, IT breakdowns, poor cybersecurity, and hacks. Today it is a different story: the cloud is widely accepted as a highly secure and effective way to manage MES.

Product Capabilities

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Better Accessibility

With increased bandwidth and stability that have now become the norm, this has allowed MES to untether itself from having to be physically located at the plant. Ease of access also leads to greater utilization of MES, leading to increased employee operational awareness and KPI target compliance.


Cloud is actually making sophisticated MES solutions available to smaller and midsized organizations. Companies no longer require an increase to IT staff or expensive server hardware hitting CAPEX.

Flexibility and Scalability

MES systems can be scaled faster to include multiple plants and more easily meet the needs of “any-sized” operation by leveraging the developed “best in class” MES from one plant to many plants. This “lift & shift” approach to rolling out MES to multiple plants has significant cost savings and rapid deployment advantages.

Automatic Updates

MES software is constantly updated in the cloud (99.99% Uptime) and provides database administration, monitoring, and back-ups, all automatically without IT intervention.

Improved Security

Unlike on-site MES systems, high-level security for cloud-based MES software is maintained and constantly updated by the provider.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Real-time access to multiple plant performance data leads to better decisions as a result of a larger data set analysis, allowing companies to be more responsive to production needs or changing consumer demand and preferences.

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