Get your Plant SAP MES Metrics at your Fingertips through the unique RTS Apple SIRI App

RTS Consulting – Automation has developed a SIRI App that delivers real-time productivity, quality, equipment status, and any production data from your plant floor straight to your smartphone to help increase critical KPI awareness.

We live in an age where we have instant access to real-time information online. Whether it is the price of a flight ticket or the traffic condition on our way back home from work, the availability of timely information helps us to make optimal decisions to save time, reduce cost or get a better quality product or service.

RTS has developed a unique SIRI App that provides plant personnel instant, real-time access to information vital to their plant operation. So you might be wondering what all could you get to know through the RTS SIRI App?

This SAP MES integrated App provides plant personnel with the ability to query a wide variety of Plant Floor Operational KPIs like:

  • Shop Order Status – Checking the progress of your shop order and get information about the extent of scrap generated
  • Equipment Health – Finding out which machines on the plant floor are down and what has caused the problem
  • OEE – Getting a bird’s eye view of the OEE status of all your lines


In short, any shop floor information can be queried via the SIRI App.

Potential users who are likely to find this App especially useful in their decision-making are:

  • Plant Operations Managers
  • Quality Control Managers
  • General Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Maintenance Engineers

If you deploy or have deployed an SAP ME or MII System, you can ask SIRI for production information and it will respond with a voice as well as reports.

Watch this 2-minute video where Vic Briccardi, CEO of RTS, demonstrates how the App works:


We look forward to helping you improve your bottom line!

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