SAP Business One and SAP Digital Manufacturing (DM) Integration

SAP Digital Manufacturing for SAP Business One


SAP Business One is a powerful ERP solution that helps small and medium-sized enterprises manage their business processes efficiently and effectively. 

SAP Digital Manufacturing is a cloud-based manufacturing execution system that connects the shop floor with the business system to optimize resources and execution.

By integrating SAP Business One and SAP Digital Manufacturing, you can leverage the best of both worlds by connecting the two: a comprehensive and integrated business solution that covers all aspects of your enterprise (Top Floor + Shop Floor), and a flexible and scalable manufacturing solution that adapts to your changing needs and challenges.

What the integration offers

  1. Industry 4.0 Execution: SAP Digital Manufacturing provides plant and enterprise-level execution capabilities.
  2. Data Collection: SAP Digital Manufacturing has robust real-time data collection capabilities.
  3. Resource Orchestration: optimizes shop floor scheduling and resource allocation in real-time.
  4. Nonconformance Capability: This feature provides a mechanism for logging, tracking, and dispositioning of failed or defective parts or assemblies.
  5. Dynamic Scheduling Adjustments: SAP Digital Manufacturing allows for dynamic adjustments to production schedules based on real-time data and changing conditions on the shop floor.
  6. Visibility of Manufacturing Operations Management: Boost the visibility of manufacturing operations management with SAP Digital Manufacturing.
  7. Integrated Cloud MES and Analytics: Boost manufacturing performance with integrated cloud MES and analytics.
  8. Production Connector: Use the Production Connector to seamlessly integrate devices and equipment on your shop floor with SAP Digital Manufacturing.
  9. Advanced Quality Control: Implement statistical process control (SPC) and quality checks to ensure product consistency and compliance.
  10. Real-time Performance Monitoring: Monitor machine performance, cycle times, and production rates in real time.
  11. Traceability and Serialization: Track product components and materials throughout the supply chain.
  12. More Collaboration: MS Teams integration with DM allows production line staff to quickly exchange ideas, update ongoing issues, ask questions and provide feedback to relevant support personnel or groups.

Potential benefits of INDUSTRY 4.0

Source: McKinsey & Company

Benefits of the integration

Reduced errors and delays due to manual data entry and duplication

Improved visibility and control over your production processes and operations

Enhanced collaboration and communication between your business and shop floor teams

Increased productivity and profitability by optimizing resource utilization and reducing waste

Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering quality products on time and within budget

Unlocking Smart Manufacturing!

The integration of MES & ERP is a significant step towards transforming traditional manufacturers into smart manufacturers by managing Big Data across business systems and integrating digital technologies.

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