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RTS Consulting is SAP’s Co-Innovation Partner for Energy Management and an SAP Pinnacle Award Finalist in the category of Sustainability. We have extended the functionality of SAP MII to the Energy Management environment.

The SAP Certified EMIS seamlessly integrates with the business system and the shop floor infrastructure.

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Features of the EMIS system

  1. The open and flexible platform allows for custom configuration to your business’s best practices and standards.
  2. Fully integrated with:
    • Plant Systems (MES, Historians, LIMS, SCADAs, DCS, PLCs)
    • Native Integration with Corporate System – SAP (Quality, Production, Maintenance, Financial, Environmental, Projects, Analytics (HANA))
    • Existing Metering Infrastructure
    • External Systems: Weather, IESO, Energy suppliers and others, through web
  3. Modern platform aligning with Industry 4.0 and IIOT
  4. Scalable to be a multi-site or multi-plant corporate system and can be used for strategic initiatives around Manufacturing Operations Management

Predictive Energy Management Solution

  • Granular energy usage visualization and reporting with departmental, process or SKU accountability. 15-minute interval data for continuous energy improvement planning.
  • Comprehensive visibility to real-time energy consumption trending information for early detection of poor energy performance.
  • Immediate email and dashboard alerts to energy consumption anomalies that drive behavioral change and ensure “best in class” energy targets are not breached.

Enterprise Integrated Solution

  • Can be deployed as a standard solution across all plants and sites, regardless of underlying production and IT systems.
  • It allows enterprise energy analysis comparisons and cost allocation to identify “best of breed” energy performers:
    • Plants/Processes
    • Production shifts/lines
    • Departments/significant assets
    • Days/week/weekend
  • One single system of record for energy management, providing robust analytics and consolidating information from all different sources (SAP and non-SAP based) and processes.
  • Increased data transparency & accuracy, automatically recording energy & production information from meters, significant assets, Historians, PLCs, DCSs, LIMS & the business system.
  • Effective energy analysis via standard and custom reports, including many pre-built Statistical Analysis algorithms.
  • Enhanced user acceptance and learning, through interactive role-based dashboards.

Energy Continuous Improvement Solution

  • Dynamic Energy Targets based on influencing factors such as production volume, production type, occupancy, weather, etc.
  • Regression Analysis, 4 variable, calculated dynamic targets based on actual multiple energy influencing factors.
  • Utility Billing Reconciliation information directly to Accounts Payable.
  • Enables aggressive asset decommissioning program around inefficient equipment, as well as validates the energy claims of new equipment manufacturers.

International Standards & Governmental Programs Compliance Solution

  • True “real-time” energy intensity & cost awareness
  • Water Consumption, Title V and Waste Management
  • Platform for meeting future industry initiatives and standards for energy management such as: ISO 50001, Save Energy Now, Superior Energy Performance and Better Plants Program.

Success Story

DeBeers was one of the first customers to implement the RTS Energy Management Information System based on SAP MII, deployable in only 12 weeks, generating immediate savings and less than 1 year ROI.


The real-time visibility into our plant systems and production status is a critical benefit. We are continuosly improving energy efficiency and fuel management and receive instant alerting of plant equipment issues.

- Lorenzo Pleath, Manager of IT Service Delivery, De Beers Canada Inc.

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