PRESS RELEASE: New Focus on Manufacturing Shopfloor Business Solutions

RTS rebranding

Industry 4.0 Business Solutions for the Manufacturing Shopfloor

RTS Consulting Automation, with over 30 years of experience helping North American manufacturing companies improve shopfloor performance, has now placed a laser focus on delivering Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation solutions with their “Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Consulting and Controls Engineering” practices.

Manufacturing is a complex, dynamic, multi-variable and competitive business. A Manufacturing Execution Solution (MES) acts as a real-time integration system between ERP (the business) and manufacturing operations. Providing a powerful holistic solution to gain competitive advantage. Today, connecting people, things, and disparate systems in order to build cross-organizational value is a must, not an option to remain in the manufacturing game.

Moving forward, our focus is delivering highly integrated technology via “true” digital transformation deployment to achieve manufacturing business objectives. Part of the story is leveraging multi-discipline data using big data techniques, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to achieve a “Smart Factory”, leading to an “Intelligent Enterprise”.

RTS, an industry shopfloor thought leader has brought to market several leading solutions to improve production performance. For example:

To commemorate our new focus, we have refreshed our logo with: Digital Manufacturing and delivering the Factory of the Future.

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Leverage RTS’s past experience and thought leadership with our new focus, to define your shop floor Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation strategy and roadmap. We’ll be there with you throughout the journey!

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